Primary Goal

Primary Goal.



Primary Goal

My Goal…

One of my primary goals is not only to provide the public with sound and useful information to help them reach their goals quickly, but also to debunk a lot of the outlandish claims, myths and down right lies that pop up in the handmade soap industry. Oddly enough, the vast majority of these claims, myths and lies come from the very same companies who the public turn to for help these days, the soap companies.

So many companies…

Soap companies are a dime a dozen right now and each is fighting for its own claim to fame. Among them all it is common practice to provide some sort of product for their claims. It increases their credibility and it makes it look like they didn’t just copy every other product out there, but rather researched their product and constructed it from the ground up.

I write a weekly community Newsletter since 2004…

Because of a lot of the work I have done, things I have written and so on, I am always asked to review and critique soap companies products by friends and regular customers at flea markets . The companies I am reviewing are up and coming the movers and shakers in the industry.

I will say their name only if they allow out of respect for their privacy.

I sent tweets to a number of companies asking to critique their business and products. I feel that this information should be known by all, so let’s begin.
The following is a copy of an tweet I sent in various soap companies. If they reply great. With thousands of handmade soap companies the response may be overwhelming…

I critique soap co/review your Biz RSVP via email