HP~Hot Process Soap

HP~Hot Process Soap

The hot process begins by adding lye to water. This simple step is actually slightly dangerous, since people who accidentally add water to lye will inadvertently cause a minor explosion; the lye must be added to the water, not the other way around. Next, the lye mixture is added to heated fat. Some people like to do this in their crockpot. The mixture is stirred for a while before adding any desired extras, such as the aforementioned oatmeal, dye, orange peel, etcetera. The mixture is then stirred a little more to make sure that everything is evenly distributed before being poured into molds   Note  HP Soap are made  with some fat’s people do not like  Beef Tallow is one.


Meet: Kimberly McNutt  Hot Press Essential Soap    NATURAL SOAP – MADE IN MENTONE  ALABAMA

Note: I learned how to make HP soap watching her video’s Hot Process soap is a long and hot process.

Kimberly McNutt  does the best job in my opinion, she explains every step. She is a straight from the hip person.    http://www.essential-soaps.com/Products