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My name is Elizabeth. I’m a Entrepreneur, Soap Maker in New Mexico, specializing in making soap, bath fizzie’s, sea salt and sugar scrubs. I think you would enjoy receiving the free monthly newsletter I publish. It’s informative, interesting and helpful.

Because I think you would benefit from my newsletter, I will arrange to send the next few issues to you with my compliments online, after you opt in via email.

I really hope the five, ten or fifteen minutes you spend reading the newsletter every month will give you some valuable advice.

If after reading it you think I can be of service to you or your family with our products that are always 100% Handmade using natural products. Please order at
or visit our retail location located at 215 West Camp Wisdom, Duncanville, TX 75116
Booth # G0065 In Knick Knacks
Elizabeth Hill

P.S. If you are curious or would like more information about one of the products mentioned in the newsletter you could call office at 469~315~0214 for a free sample be sure and leave a message…

Come for the ride stay for the soap!



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That looks like a peaceful place to sit and talk with yourself, let your mind wander, Look back where you were, take in the here and now and dream about tomorrow…


There’s a sort of serenity that one feels when wandering or hiking through a natural setting. When I was younger it seems like I was able to maintain or retain or conjure that feeling even after leaving the natural setting. At least for a time. As I get older it often seems more difficult to conjure that feeling by purely power of will. I think I need to compel myself to spend more of that time needed to take nature hikes, as our seemingly declining world requires ever more internalized serenity to endure. Of course, maybe it’s just me.

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