You’re here because – like us – you care about making this world a better place.

We do what we do because we want to help, and one of our missions in life is to promote the sustainable living revolution.

We were so tired of all the chemicals in expensive commercial cleaners, and knew we had to do something about it; so rather than climbing a soapbox to complain, we committed to incite change by changing ourselves.

After awhile our passion for positive change led us to create and grow a community of like minded people.

People like you!

Inspiring and growing the diyNatural community is the key to real change, but it only started because we made the commitment to change ourselves.

That’s what diyNatural is about.

That’s why we wrote this diyNatural Household Cleaners book.

And that’s why we’re in the process of writing several more books; one about homemade personal products and another about homemade natural condiments.

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