Balch Springs, TX

Bio: Widow since 1998, foster/adoption parent, served in the Army peace time, two very grown children 21yr old Peanut, 20 yr old Wen Wen, Grandmother to Chippy, Great Grandmother to Jeremiah, I have had more jobs than Sally J Rapheal, remember her, Anytime I wanted to learn something I went to school/college or OJT till I learned it. I have a very long bucket list...I like being in business with my daughter. I garden for peace and quiet, I make a lot of soap 7 to 10 loves a week, I order from a Vendor when I get behind, soap takes 4 to 6 weeks to cure properly, I do demo's, Now I make video's. I want to learn parfum making, I attend a lot of seminar's/classes. Caking decorating is next on my to~do list.....so come along for the ride, stay for the soap...

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